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The benefits of our products explained in simple terms.


Honesty is an integral quality of our brand.
We are very proud of the fact we use the highest percentage of naturally derived ingredients in each of our products, while ensuring each product maintains skin nurturing benefits and an incredibly high performance. We are truly natural, and you can trust that we are never going to be hiding any nasties within our products.

Every time you look for a natural product, you should always check the ingredients! As some ‘natural’ brands have as little as 50% naturally derived ingredients in their formulations, making them more ‘naturally inspired’ than naturally derived. For each of our ranges, the percentages of naturally derived ingredients are:

95% – 100% naturally derived ingredients in our skincare products.
80% – 100% naturally derived ingredients in our cosmetics products.


What we leave out of our products is equally as important as what we put in. We have a simple 2 step process to ensure we don’t include any harmful ingredients in our formulations:

CROP Ingredient Blacklist

This list of nasty ingredients ensures our products exclude:

No Parabens
No Phthalates
No Sulphates

No Mineral Oil
No Petrochemicals
No Synthetic Pigments
No Bismuth Oxychloride
No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)


With the number of skin sensitivities and allergies in today’s world ever increasing, we as ethically minded brand owners, believe that we have the responsibility to offer dermatologically tested products to cater for all skin types – no matter how old, freckled, wrinkled, normal, sensitive, oily or dry.

Our formulations are tested on our diverse development team to make sure they meet our high expectations before handing over to independent dermatological testing. From here, numerous rigorous tests including the Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT) are done. Our RIPT’s are tested by repeat and lengthy exposures of our product on various skin areas. Both men and women are tested and we always pass with high distinction.


For us when selecting our partners – we ensure their ethical and manufacturing standards align with ours. We source from global leaders, personally visiting each of their manufacturing plants to ensure the purest production process, while creating the most nutrient rich formulations. This delivers the Crop Advantage of highly potent, natural formulations that deliver real results.




Our formulations are enriched with Certified Organic Ingredients with a selection of our cosmetics Eco Cert approved. All of our Certified Organic ingredients are asterisked on our products for easy recognition.


At Crop we strongly oppose animal testing and do not engage in animal testing with any of our products. We diligently test and review our formulations on our team, family members, friends and industry experts before going to market, to ensure they deliver on their promise.